Outdoor LED solar wall light for wall installation and design

Solar wall lights are becoming increasingly popular in the choice of outdoor lighting. Much more than a simple decorative object for your garden, our Solar Wall Lamps are very practical for lighting the entrances of houses or properties and allow better orientation in the evening. An Autonomous LED Solar Lighting Lamp, the Solar Wall Lamps offer a reassuring solution against theft attempts, show a presence and are easy to install. Only one hour of solar charge is needed to generate almost one hour of light. It thus offers a good autonomy of solar lighting. In standby or motion detector mode, it will work all night long. It is the ideal ecological and economical tool for lighting your exterior, placed along your facade, near your gate, in your staircase or above your garden shed, enjoy an additional lighting that secures your passage or that of your car in your garage when you return.

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You will finally be able to put your outdoor spaces in light with this great choice of solar wall light and online advice on this type of solar wall light. Our solar wall lights can be installed in a few minutes and bring you free and autonomous light every evening with or without motion detector. Order in complete security and have your solar light purchases delivered quickly on our shop GreenSolaire.com thanks to our impeccable service. Outdoor solar wall lights particularly enhance the beauty of your home and protect you from hazards all year round. Our team of lighting professionals is at your disposal to help you make your choice or answer any questions you may have.